IYF Vrindavan

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One of the best services that can be performed in this age of Kali is the spreading of the Krishna consciousness movement and what better than to give this knowledge of the self to the coming generation, who are going to be the future of the world. If the younger generation can be brought up in Krishna consciousness and taught to lead a life of purity, integrity and spirituality, then the entire human race can be uplifted from the degraded condition of material existence into a society of gentlemen steadily progressing towards achieving the ultimate goal of life, which is going back home back to godhead and eternally serving the Lord in our constitutional position as his servitors. In Iskcon Vrindavan, this valuable service of preaching to the youth is being performed by Sureshwar prabhu and Chaitanya rupini mataji, the heads of the Iskcon Vrindavan youth forum. In the month of March, the Iskcon Vrindavan youth forum arranged for Sunday programs to educate the local school children about spiritual life, and for this Anada Mataji, H.G. Gaura Purnima Mataji, H.G. Krishna Kumar prabhu and H.G Sita Thakurani mataji, spoke to, interacted with and encouraged the children to understand the science of God consciousness. A six-day short course was also given to the students from Sukhada Shiksha Mandir and Sandipani Muni School on Kirtan and bhajan, in which they were taught about the glories of the holy names of the Krishna and how to perform kirtan. H.G. Panchagauda Prabhu, the temple president, also distributed japa malas to all the students, motivating them to take to the process of chanting the holy names of the Lord. H.G. Mukunda data prabhu, H.G. Satyanarayan prabhu and H.G. Kusha mataji also gave their contribution in this wonderful endeavor. Along with the programs and courses conducted within the temple, devotees were also invited as chief guests to Paradise public school for their Academic year end prize distribution program, in which H.G. Mahavan prabhu spoke about the good fortune of being born in Vrindavan. By performing this valuable service, the devotees of the IYF team are, to the best of their abilities, spreading the glories of Sri Krishna amongst the next generation and in this way, greatly pleasing Srila Prabhupad, for which their endeavors are greatly praiseworthy and laudable.