Jagadananda brings aromatic oil for Mahaprabhu

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Once, Sri Jagadananda Pandit, a close associate of Sri Sachinandana Gaurahari and who is none other than Satyabhama, brought some aromatic oil for Mahaprabhu from Bengal. He brought the oil and gave it to Govinda, Mahaprabhu’s servant, and asked him to use it to massage Mahaprabhu’s head, so that he would feel some relief from the intense heat that he was feeling due to his separation from Sri Krishna. Knowing that Mahaprabhu would not be willing to use the oil as he was a renunciant and was always upholding the highest standard of the order of Sanyas, he waited and did not tell Gaurahari about the oil. But upon Jagadananda’s repeated questioning of whether he had used the oil for Mahaprabhu or not, he was forced to go and tell Mahaprabhu that Jagadananda Pandit had gotten some aromatic oil for him. When Mahaprabhu heard this he refused to use the oil. When Govinda asked him again after a few days, he again refused and said that Jagadananda should rather give the oil for the service of Jagannath. Since he brought the oil all the way from Bengal, he should give it for the service of Jagannath and they can use it to burn lamps in the temple. When Jagadananda heard that Mahaprabhu had refused to use the oil, he came there and threw the pot of oil on the ground. After the incident, Mahaprabhu did not see Jagadandanda for 3 days and inquired about him from Govinda. When Mahaprabhu heard from Govinda that Jagadananda was upset and had not eaten anything for the past 3 days, he went to his residence and told him that he would come to take lunch after taking darshan of Lord Jagannath and that he should prepare prasad for him. Jagadananda Pandit, who was very upset with Mahaprabhu in accordance with his mood as Satyabhama, got up and started cooking lunch when he heard Mahaprabhu say that he would come for prasad. When Gaurasundar arrived there, he insisted that he should also eat with Mahaprabhu, however Jagadananda assured Mahaprabhu that he would eat afterwards. He then fed Mahaprabhu delecious prasadam that he had cooked with great love and devotion. He kept serving Mahaprabhu and Mahaprabhu, being afraid that he would make Jagadananda more upset being refusing, kept on eating. Jagadananda fed Mahaprabhu 10 times more than what he would normally eat and Mahaprabhu ate without refusing, being bound by the strong love of Jagadananda. He later asked Govinda to stay back and make sure that Jagadananda also takes prasad. Only after hearing that he had also eaten prasad, was Mahaprabhu able to rest peacefully. Such is the loving relationship between the Lord and his devotees. The devotees of Gaurahari completely control him with their love and affection.