Jahnu Saptami

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Maharaj Bhagirath had, after great penances, been successful in bringing the most purifying Mother Ganges, whose waters wash the lotus feet of the Lord and are therefore his charanamrita, from the heavenly planets to this earth for the purpose of delivering his forefathers, and while he was making the way from the Himalayas to the ocean for her to flow, he happened to pass by the hermitage of the great sage Jahnu. Seeing the great river coming in his ashram and disturbing his meditation greatly enraged the pious sage, and in his anger, he swallowed all the water of the river. When Bhagirath realized that mother Ganges was no longer following him and had been swallowed by the hermit, he immediately fell at the lotus feet of the Sage, begging him to release Ganga, as she was the only means of delivering his forefathers and her presence was for the benefit of the entire human race. As is the nature of all the devotees of the Lord, Jahnu muni was naturally very compassionate and therefore he agreed to release mother Ganga, and he did so by expelling her waters from his right ear. Due to having been thus swallowed by Jahnu muni, Srimati Ganga devi came to be known as Jahnavi, the daughter of the Sage Jahnu. It was on this auspicious 7th day of the Shukla paksha in the month of Vaishakh that this pastime of the Lord’s devotees took place and therefore this day is famous as Jahnu Saptami. This pastime actually came to take place in Sri Navadwip mandal at Jahnudvip, where Jahnu muni was absorbed in deep meditation upon Kaliyuga paawan Gaurahari and it was here that he was also blessed with the darshan of Mahaprabhu. On this auspicious day, knowing mother Ganges to be very dear to the Lord, in whose waters Sri Chaintanya Mahaprabhu performed many water pastimes for 24 years of his life when he was residing in Nawadwip as a Grihasta, the devotees offer respects and perform puja to Srimati Ganga devi to get her mercy and the mercy of Jahnu muni, so that they may also be able to someday serve in the pastimes of Sri Nadiyabihari Gaurahari.