Jatila and Kutila

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Obstructions in meeting with the beloved

enhances the bliss of togetherness

for what comes easily is often not treasured

and overcoming hindrances adds a special sweetness


Adding a pinch of anxiety and excitement

which make Radha Shyam relish their pastimes

are Jatila and Kutila, causing entertainment

by their attempts at keeping them away


Fooled by the genius of Shyamsundar

they are always left utterly dumbfounded

submerging the Gopis in an ocean of laughter

by whom the divine couple are always surrounded


Without them the pastimes wouldn’t be quite as fun

for they add various rasas like fear, anxiety, laughter and more

how dear they must be to the divine couple for the twist and turn

that they bring into all the pastimes, thus making them even more relishable