Jhulan Pastimes

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The pastimes of the Lord are full of various transcendental mellows, ever fresh and resplendent with ever increasing rasa. During the rainy season, when the divine couple are enjoying various swing pastimes, one such sweet pastime took place in the forests of Vraja. The transcendental trouble maker, the great sage and Vaishnava Narada Muni, once came to the place where Sri Krishna was surrounded by all the Gopis and about to enjoy the Swing pastime with his beloved Srimati Radhika, but since she had not yet arrived, they were all waiting for her. When Narad Muni approached Shyamsundar and all the Gopis, they all offered their respects to him and Krishna asked him of anything that he could do to please him. Seeing it to be a good opportunity to create some transcendental fight, Narad Muni expressed a desire to see him and Lalita devi sitting together on the swing. Not desiring to upset Srimati Radhika, both Lalita devi and Krishna were reluctant to sit together on the swing. However, on the insistence of Narad Muni, they were obliged to fulfill his request as he was a respectable sage. They both then hesitantly sat together on the swing and the sakhis started to swing them. Taking the opportunity, Narad Muni immediately came to Srimati Radhika’s residence in Varsana while singing the names of Lalita and Krishna and informed her of the swing pastime being enjoyed by Shyam with Lalita Sakhi. Hearing which, being completely enraged, she immediately rushed off towards the place where they were, without even finishing her decorations which she had been doing. Upon coming to the place, she was furious to see Shyamsundar swinging with Lalita Sakhi, and seeing her they both immediately stopped the swing and got off. Sri Krishna then tried to explain to Srimati Radhika that it was only due to the request of Narad Muni that they had sat on the swing together. But regardless of all the explanations, she did not want to listen to any excuses and maintained her maan. However, after much endeavor by Sri Krishna, when he reminded Sri Radha of how he had once warned her about Narad Muni and his tricks to create trouble between people, she was finally pacified, for Krishna had indeed warned her of Narada Muni beforehand. Seeing this whole pastime, Narad Muni was greatly pleased and went on singing the glories of Radha Shyamsundar. After having been pacified thus, Srimati Radhika ascended the swing with Shyamsundar and relished transcendental bliss in the company of her beloved Gopinath.