Kaali Krishna

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The pastimes of Radha and Krishna are most enchanting and are ever fresh. In order to increase the excitement in the meeting of Radhe Shyam, the so-called mother-in-law and sister-in-law of Radhrani, Jatila and Kutila, play a very important role, for the pleasure in meeting is much more when there are obstructions on the path.

Once, Jatila and Kutila informed Abhimanyu that his wife Radha was not as chaste as everyone thought and that she was having pleasure pastimes with the son of Maharaj Nanda in the forest nearby. They instigated him to go and catch them red handed, and he immediately ran to the place where Radha and Krishna were performing pastimes. Seeing Abhimanyu in the distance coming hastily towards where they were, all the Gopis and Srimati Radhika became fearful and requested Krishna to find a solution to the situation. Krishna reassured them and told them to just stay the way they were and not to worry. Soon enough Abhimanyu reached there and to their utter surprise he fell flat on the ground to offer obeisances. Surprised at the turn of the events, they turned towards Krishna and saw that he had assumed the form of Goddess Kali, so that it appeared as though they were performing puja for the goddess. Being pacified and assured about Srimati Radhika’s chastity and understanding her to be engaged in the performance of worship to Goddess Kali, Abhimanyu returned home and reassured his mother and sister as well of Radhika’s chastity. After the departure of Abhimanyu, Krishna came back to his normal form and continued to perform beautiful pastimes in the association of Vrindavaneshwari Radhika and her Sakhis.