Kartik is approaching

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Lotuses bloom in muddy water and good things happen even in the midst of trying times. After being in lockdown for a few months, Vrindavan is opening slowly but surely and so is the Krishna Balaram Mandir. The auspicious month of Purushottam just finished, in which devotees, giving up all fear and surrendering completely to the will of the Lord, knowing him to be our true protector and maintainer, came to the streets to perform parikrama and go visit holy pastime places of the Lord, and now the devotees are gearing up for the upcoming month of Kartik, the one month that everyone looks forward to.

Right now it is that time of the year when the mornings and evenings are starting to get fresh and the atmosphere is permeated by a very special, indescribable feeling, for everyone is excited about the approaching festivities in the holy month of Kartik. It is that time of the year, when things are still peaceful but traces of the upcoming crowds and throngs of vaishnavas coming to visit Vrindavan can be felt.

But this year is different than the rest, crowds wont come the way they come every year. People are avoiding travels because of the ongoing Corona Virus situation and therefore it is much more peaceful. Yet, devotees will come. The disease has instilled fear in the hearts of all, yet devotees will come. Devotees will come because their love for Sridham Vrindavan, and Sri Sri Gaur Nitai, Sri Sri Krishna Balaram, and Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar is greater than their fear. And with the country opening up slowly and people being allowed to move around, the temple is also allowing darshans for the devotees. The Krishna Balaram Guesthouse, MVT guesthouse, Govinda’s restaurant and MVT restaurant are all opening up and getting ready to receive the pilgrims. One must surely follow precautionary guidelines to ensure staying safe, but visiting the holy dham is sure to bestow upon one the greatest good fortune.

So let us invite the month of lamps with great enthusiasm and pray that the light of these lamps offered for the pleasure of the Lord, brighten up our hearts, warm our spirits and drive out the cold of fear, giving us the assurance that Sri Krishna is in charge and he shall surely look after all the souls who have surrendered themselves at his lotus feet.