Kartik Purnima, Sri Krishna Rasayatra

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Today is the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima, the last day of Bhishma Panchaka, last day of Kartik and the last day of Chaturmaas. On this day also Sri Krishna performed Rasalila with his dear Vraja sakhis and therefore this day is celebrated as Sri Krishna Rasayatra. It is also the auspicious appearance day of Sri Nimbarkacharya, the acharya or spiritual preceptor of the Sanakadi or Kumar Sampradaya, which is one of the four authoritative vaishnava sampradayas and teaches the philosophy of Dvaitadvaita, or dualism and non dualism.

Along with this, the worship of the deities Sri Sri Radhika Keshav Rai, who are worshiped in the Yajnashala situated in Bhaktivedanta Goshala, was started on this day two years ago. These 450 years old deities were worshiped by the devotee family into which the granddaughter of Adwaita acharya was married. They were first residing in a village in Bangladesh and were brought to India about 50 years ago where their service continued in the house of the family priest of one of the members of the family. In due course of time, the standard of their worship diminished and seeing this the younger members of the family, some of whom have joined Iskcon, decided to hand over the deities to one of the temples, so that their worship may be carried out with proper care. By their sweet will, Sri Radhika Keshav Rai made all arrangements for their service to be carried out in the Yajnashala of Iskcon Vrindavan, the purpose of which is to provide a satwik place for various sanskars to be performed and for seminars to be conducted on deity worship and the performance of Yajnas. To commemorate the commencement of their service over here, an abhishek ceremony was organized for their pleasure, accompanied with sweet kirtan, and followed by a wonderful offering for their pleasure.

On this blessed day of Kartik purnima, we pray to Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar to bless us with the service of their lotus feet.