Kartik Vandanam

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Glorified are all those activities and all those situations that invoke in a Sadhaka the remembrance of Shyamsundar, his holy names, forms, qualities and his beautiful pastimes with his eternal associates. All these are known as Udipan, and have been beautifully explained by Srila Rupa goswami in Sri Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu. Just like seeing the Chatak Parvat in Puri, Sriman Mahaprabhu would run towards it thinking of Sri Giri Govardhan, the Ocean would remind him of the Yamuna and he would go and jump into it in ecstacy,similarly, the pure devotees are reminded of Sri Krishna just by looking at the substances around them. A peacock feather, yellow cloth, flute, the pastime places and all things related to the Lord invoke transcendental feelings in the heart of the devotees. Then what can be said about performances depicting the pastimes of the Lord. Desiring to be instrumental in invoking thoughts of the Sri Krishna in the hearts of the onlookers, every year the devotees of Vrindavan put up the Kartik Vandanam, a cultural program consisting of various dance and drama performances performed for the pleasure of the Lord and his devotees and to be a medium of experiencing higher bliss in Krishna Conciousness. This year the Kartik Vandanam was held on the 10th of November, two days before the end of Katik, and consisted of the beautiful presentation of the pastime of Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhan Hill, along with beautiful dances and singing glorifying the Lord. Blessed are the performers and organisers of such programs, who, with their service, can support the devotee’s remembrance of the Lord, and thus themselves be blessed with the mercy of the devotees to be able to make progress on the path of Bhakti.