Krishna Conscious Republic Day Celebration

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26 January 2022 is celebrated as Republic Day, and it is observed in schools and colleges throughout India. This year, it was celebrated in a unique way at the Pandit Madan Mohan Inter College, Govardhan Road, Mathura. The School invited Iskcon Youth Forum (IYF) for the celebration. Iskcon Vrindavan Temple President, His Grace Panca Gauda Das, and the team members of IYF consisting of HG Sureshwara Das, HG Chaitanya Rupini Devi Dasi and HG Ramachandra Priya Das, attended the function. The principal honoured the members and said that this year, government restrictions due to the carona virus, restricted the attendance but that their enthusiasm to celebrate this day with the Iskcon team is ever growing.

HG Panca Gauda Prabhuji explained that just as any country has a constitution that provides rules and regulations for its citizens – for their peaceful and happy living – similarly, the Bhagavad-gita gives guidelines by which every human being, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, can live a “happy and joyful life” on this planet.

HG Sureshwara Das said that a short course on Bhagavad-gita was conducted at the school some time back, and he requested one of the students to explain their understanding of the Gita. The student spoke on Gita 18.61 to 18.63 and also onthe need to always remember Krishna and surrender to Him.

HG Panca Gauda Prabhu and also some students then lead a wonderful kirtana. Prasadam was distributed to everyone present.