Krishna disguised as a female doctor

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Once Jatila, Srimati Radhika’s mother-in-law, called her daughter Kutila and informed her about her decision to not allow Radharani to leave the house, as the debauchee Krishna was spoiling the reputation of her daughter-in-law. Saying thus, she sent Kutila to Mother Yashoda to inform her that Srimati Radhika would no longer be coming to cook breakfast for Krishna. She then completely restricted Radhika from leaving the home, which plunged Vrishabhanunandini and all her Gopi friends into an ocean of distress. Being unable to see her beloved Gopinath, Srimati was burning in the fever of separation to such an extent that the cooling lotus petals laid down by the manjaris on her bed would wither as soon as they would come in contact with her form. Seeing her in this lamentable situation, all the Gopis were greatly aggrieved at heart and pondered upon a solution. In the evening, Dhanishtha was sent by Devi Yashoda to request Srimati Radhika to cook some palatable sweets for Krishna at home and send them with her. She also indicated that soon the divine couple would be reunited.

The next day, Vishakha devi went to Jatila while crying loudly and informed her that Srimati Radhika had been bitten by a poisonous snake and something must be done immediately to cure her of the poison before it reaches her heart. Hearing this, Jatila and Kutila started lamenting and went to Purnamasi to ask for help. Purnamasi then asked Gargi, the daughter of Gargacharya, if she knew the art of reciting mantras to remove snake poison to which she informed that although she herself did not know the art, her sister Vidyavali, who was visiting her, was expert at removing snake poison. Taking Jatila to her house, Gargi called for her sister Vidyavali, who was none other than Krishna disguised as a female doctor as had been planned, and upon repeated requests from Jatila, Vidyavali agreed to come and cure Srimati Radhika.

When Vidyavali arrived in the house of Srimati Radhika, she started looking for poison in the body of Srimati Radhika by placing her hands on her various limbs, and thus Krishna, in front of all the Gopis, Jatila and Kutila, freely enjoyed Srimati Radhika. She then informed everyone to leave the room for the snake who had bitten Radha was very powerful and she would have to summon the snake with mantras and propitiate it  in order to cure Radhika. After everyone had left the room, Sri Krishna spoke in the voice of Vidyavali as well as the snake and had a conversation which the rest were hearing from outside the room. Upon being questioned by Vidyavali as to why he had bitten Srimati Radhika, the snake replied that he had actually come to bite Abhimanyu but because Srimati Radhika was a chaste women and had been blessed that her husband would live a long life, he had to first bite her in order to later bite Abhimanyu. When asked about the reason behind biting Abhimanyu, the snake said that he had committed no crime, but his mother Jatila would feel greater pain by losing her son and daughter-in-law than if she were bitten herself, and therefore, being ordered by Lord Shiva, he had come to punish Jatila by biting Abhimanyu and Srimati Radhika.Vidyavali then asked the offences committed by Jatila for which she had to be punished in this way. The Snake then replied that she had offended Durvasa Rishi by slighting his blessings to Srimati Radhika and she had falsely accused Lord Krishna, who is the Lord of Chandramauli Shiva himslef, and therefore, she had to be punished. Hearing this, Jatila started crying and repenting. She begged the snake to forgive her and promised to never again stop Radhika from leaving the house and to doubt her chastity. Hearing this, the snake was pleased and withdrew the poison from Srimati Radhika. Upon seeing her well, everyone was very happy and Jatila requested Vidyavali to stay with Srimati Radhika for the night as it had already gotten late. She also instructed Radharani to adorn Vidyavali with her own ornaments and give her pleasure by serving her. Being thus instructed by Jatila, Radharani and all the Sakhis took Vidyavali with them and enjoyed various pastimes with the blessings of Jatila.

In this way, Sri Krishna enjoyed amorous pastimes with the daughter-in-law of Jatila in her very own house and thus attained great bliss. Remembering the whole pastime all the Gopis laughed in merriment while serving Sri Sri Radha Shyamsunar, the fair and dark complexioned divine couple of Vrindavan.