Krishna disguised as Abhimanyu

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Once, Srimati Radhika, the golden complexioned queen of vraja and the very life and soul of Shyamsundar,  went to the banks of the river Yamuna in the early morning hours for taking a bath, after having taken permission from her mother-in-law Jatila. As had been arranged by her dear Gopi messengers, she met Sri Krishna in one of the splendidly beautiful and fragrant kunjas at the bank of the river and commenced the festival of joy with her beloved Gopinath and her dear friends. As the divine couple, along with the gopis, were thus immersed in the bliss of transcendental pastimes, Vrinda devi, the goddess of the forest of Vrindavan and the chief of Radharani’s messenger gopis, came to the kunj and informed them that the sister-in-law of Srimati Radhika, Kutila, who had discovered that Krishna was also not in his home but had rather come to the Yamuna to take bath, was approaching the kunj while searching for them after her suspicion had been aroused. When the sakhis heard of this, they immediately became worried about being caught with Krishna and looked to him for a way out of the situation. Assuring them not to worry, he immediately left the kunj, disguised himself as Abhmanyu, the so-called husband of Srimati Radhika and the brother of Kutila, and approached Kutila, asking her about what had brought her to the banks of the Yamuna so early in the morning. Kutila then told her brother Abhimanyu, who was actually none other than Krishna disguised as Abhimanyu, that his wife Srimati Radhika was in one of the Kunjas with the debauche Krishna and she was there to catch them red handed. Hearing this, Krishna in the form of Abhimanyu told her to go look for Radhika while he waited for her. She then proceeded to look for Vrindavaneshwari in the kunjas and eventually came upon her and her gopi friends in one of the kunjas, but to her great dismay, Krishna was not to be seen with them. However, after having a heated discussion with lalita and the other sakhis, she made her way to the inner chamber of the kunj, where she saw a broken flower garland and a pearl necklace, and taking them with her she stormed out of the kunj, after scaring Radhika about the consequences she would have to face when the elders would get to know about her relation with Krishna. Taking the evidence that she had found in the kunj, she went back to where Krishna in the form of Abhimanyu was waiting for her. She showed him what she had found and asked him what she should do next. Krishna then told her to hand the necklace and garland to him and immediately go home, while he would tell his friend Govardhan mala that Krishna was with his wife Chandravalli and that he should immediately go to King Kamsa and report to him about the behaviour of Krishna. In this way their own family would be saved from disgrace and hearing the complain of Govardhan mala, the King would send troops to arrest Krishna. Saying this, he pretended to go to his friend Govardhan mala, while Kutila went back home. Soon thereafter Srimati Radhika also went back to her residence in Jawat with her Sakhis. After letting an hour or two pass by, Krishna, still disguised as Abhimanyu went to the house of Jatila and Kutila and told them that the King had been informed of the behaviour of Krishna and soon the troops will come to capture him. But he warned them that Krishna had disguised himself as Abhimanyu and was heading towards their house, and therefore they should be vigilant and make sure that he cannot come inside the house. Saying this he went to the room of Srimati Radhika, where she and her gopi friends were greatly delighted at heart on seeing the mischievous pastimes of their beloved. After some time, when the real Abhimanyu came home, thinking him to be Krishna disguised as their brother and son, Kutila and Jatila started throwing mud and cowdung on him and hurled insults on him till he ran away in astonishment as to what had happened to his sister and mother. In this way, the greatest actor and disguise of all, Sri Shyamsundar, enjoyed amorous pastimes with the daughter-in-law of Jatila in her own house.