Krishna in the box

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Despite the weight of the box on his head, Abhimanyu, the so-called husband of Srimati Radharani, went along the path to Jawat in great jubilation, thinking of all the valuables that must be packed in the box given by Yashoda devi for Srimati Radhika. He had been called by Nandarani Srimati Yashoda devi to come and collect a box full of valuable jewels and beautiful clothes that she had personally prepared for Radhika out of motherly love and affection, and also because Radharani was coming to cook breakfast for Sri Krishna every day. Upon being requested by Yashoda devi, he went there and collected the box from her along with an instruction for Vrishabhanunandini Radha to enjoy the contents of the box to her full satisfaction. However, what Abhimanyu did not know was that Sri Krishna, who had been observing his mother preparing the box, had gone upto her and asked her about what she was doing. When he got to know from his mother that the box was being prepared by her for Srimati Radhika, he decided to get mischievous, and as soon as she went out of the room to receive Abhimanyu, he called all his friends and with their help, he emptied out the box and himself entered it and told his friends to close it from outside. So, in reality, what Abhimanyu was carrying on his head was not a box full of jewels but rather Krishna, the playful beloved of Srimati Radhika. Unaware of this, he went and delivered the box to Vrindavaneshwari and told her the instruction that Yashoda devi had given for her. Anticipating to find beautiful sarees and exquisite ornaments in the box, Srimati Radhika and all her dear Gopi friends gathered around the box, but as soon as they opened the lid, instead of the jewels that they were expecting, out sprang Gopinath, their beloved, shocking the gopis and making them laugh in merriment. Shyamsundar then enjoyed various pastimes with the gopis in the very haouse of Srimati Radhika, and the gopis, following the instruction of the most worshipable Yashoda devi, enjoyed the contents of the box to their full satisfaction. The jewels and clothes were eventually also delivered to the Gopis, but having received the gift of Shyamsundar in the box, was what made their hearts drown in the ecstasy of prema.