Krishna’s field of Pearls

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Once Vrindavaneshwari Srimati Radhika and her friends were making beautiful necklaces with precious pearls when Shyamsundar came and requested them to give him a few of their gorgeous pearls so that he may be able to make some necklaces too for his dear cows. The Gopis however refused to give him any of their pearls and disregarded all his requests. Disheartened by the gopis refusal but determined to make some necklaces for his surabhi cows, he went to his mother and asked her for some pearls. Curious about what her darling son wanted to do with priceless pearls, she asked him why he wanted to have pearls and he innocently answered her saying that he wanted to sow the pearls in the ground so that they would grow into pearl plants and he could then harvest many pearls to make necklaces for his cows. Hearing his plans, she smiled and told him that pearls are not grown on plants but are rather found in oysters in the ocean. But because of Krishna’s insistence and her unbounded love for him, she gave him a handful of her pearls, which Krishna went and sowed in the ground. He very carefully cultivated the pearls by watering them regularly and even pouring milk over them, and soon enough, to everyone’s amazement, they started sprouting. Within a few days they grew into beautiful plants and started bearing flowers which opened up to reveal exquisitely beautiful pearls in their centres. Everyone was amazed by this miraculous pastime of Nandanandan Krishna and were praising his extraordinary feats. Krishna then harvested the pearls and made beautiful necklaces for his cows with the pearls. Seeing the pearl field of Krishna, the Gopis decided to also sow their pearls and have a field similar to Krishna’s, so that they can get many more pearls. Having this end in mind, they planted their pearls and started growing them the way Krishna had done, watering them nicely and also putting milk in the field. Soon enough, their pearls also sprouted but to their utter dismay, instead of beautiful fragrant flowers with pearls in their centre, the only thing that was growing on the bushes were numerous thornes. This really made them sad and they went to Krishna to ask for some of his pearls. Krishna however, remembering how they had refused to give him any of their pearls, also refused to give them any of his, but eventually, seeing their beautiful faces overcome by distress upon their failure at growing pearls, he mercifully gave them some of his, which pacified them and made them happy. And thus Krishna’s parents, cows, friends and gopi friends, enjoyed the pearls that were harvested from the divine pearl field of the crest jewel of all cowherds Sri Krishna.