Krishna’s flute

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The transcendental flute song of Sri Krishna is extremely pleasing to the hearts of all the vrajavasis and reminds them of their most beloved Sri Krishna.When, standing in a three-fold bending posture under a Kadamba tree in the forest of Vrindavan, Shyamsundar puts his most fortunate flute to his soft red lips and blows into its holes, a most divine melody springs forth, which makes the flowing Yamuna river stand still and forces the cows to stop chewing the grass in their mouths and instead listen with great Rapture to the flute song of their beloved Gopal. The calves who were busy drinking the milk from the udders of their mothers forget to drink and rather perch up their ears to listen to Krishna’s flute. The dears, peacocks, parrots, and all the other forest animals stop their activities and listen with great attention, while the stones of Govardhan melt in ecstacy and the trees dance. Pouring his love for his dear devotees in his flute, when Krishna calls the names of the cows and cowherd boys with the flute, they all immediately run towards him, desiring to lick and embrace him. And when, under the full moon night in the forests of Vraja, surrounded by fragrant flowers like champa, jasmine, roses, juhi and others, Krishna plays his flute in the fifth note, desiring to call the Gopis and enjoy the Rasalila with them, they all at once come to Krishna, leaving behind their household duties and families. Such is the potency of the music of Gopinath’s flute. There are numerous pastimes also which are related to the flute, when the Gopis steal Krishna’s flute or win it in a Gambling match. Knowing the flute to be very dear to Krishna, the Gopis consider the flute to be like their rival and feel extremely jealous of the flute, as the flute is able to drink the nectar of Krishna’s lips without any restrain, whereas they do not have that good fortune. They also wonder as to what pious deads the flute must have performed to have achieved such good fortune of eternal companionship with the Lord of their hearts, Madanmohan. The true glories of the flute can therefore be concluded to be unfathomable.