Krishna’s friends

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Playing with Shyam as one of their own

They climb on him and defeat him in fight

Oblivious of his position as the Supreme Lord

they boast about and show off their might


Roaming about in the beautiful forests of Vraja

They decorate his hair with the blooming fragrant flowers

And paint various intricate designs on him with minerals

While Shyam does the same for them for hours


Cracking jokes, Madhumangal makes everyone laugh out loud

Sometimes at his own expense and sometimes mocking Govind

While Subal whispers the whereabouts of the Gopis in his ear

Seeing his eagerness to meet them after smelling the fragrant wind


All glories to these cowherd boys of Vraja, the topmost abode

They consider him to be equal, who is worshipped as Supreme

their intense love and affection for him knows no bounds

they are situated on a position which the great mystics can only dream