Laxman! Bring my bow and arrows.

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Once, the darling son of Mother Yashoda, Sri Krishna, tugged at his mother’s veil and insisted that she tell him a story before bed, and so, mother Yashoda sat on the bed and started telling Shyam a story while delicately stroking his head to put him to sleep. She started narrating the story,”Once, there was a great King named Dasharath who had three queens, Kaushalya, Kaikai, and Sumitra.  When he did not have any children, he performed a great sacrifice with the help of exalted sages and, as a result, got four sons, namely Ram, Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughna.” She continued telling Krishna the story of Lord Ram, about how he went to the Gurukul of Vashishta Muni, went with Vishwamitra to protect his Yajna and got married to Sita in the great Swayamvar in Mithila. She then told him about his banishment to the forest and how he, along with Sita and Laxman, traversed the forest. Sri Krishna listened with rapt attention and nodded his head time to time. He would sometimes ask some questions and then tell her to continue after she gave an answer. She went on telling the story of Sri Ram, about how Shurpanakha came to him, how he later defeated Khar and Dushan, and how Marich too the form of a golden dear and induced both Ram and then later Laxman to enter the forest to follow him. She then continues,” Seeing Sita alone in the Hut, the sinful demon Ravan came there disguised as a Brahmana and begged for Alms. When Sita devi came out to give alms, he took advantage of the situation and abducted her, taking her to Lanka on the Pushpaka Viman.” As soon as Krishna heard about the abduction of his dear Sita devi, he immediately jumped up on his bed and in roaring voice called out, “Laxman!! Laxman!! Bring my bow and arrows. I shall immediately kill this wicked demon Ravan.” Seeing Krishna react like this, mother Yashoda became surprised and a bit worried. She made Krishna sit down and lovingly caressed him while asking what had happened. He smiled slightly and asked her to continue. Being disturbed by Krishna’s reaction and fearing that he may start doing more like this, she told him to go to sleep and affectionately lay him down in bed, gave him a kiss upon his forehead and went from his chamber. In this way Shyamsundar would sometimes relish hearing his own pastimes from his different incarnations and would occasionally react in these ways, becoming absorbed in that particular lila.