Laxmipriya leaves the world and Vishwambhar’s weds Vishnupriya

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Once, some time after getting married to Laxmipriya devi, Sachinandan decided to go to East Bengal on tour. Taking the dust of the lotus feet of his mother, he set out with some of his friends. During his absence, back in Nawadwip his dear wife Laxmipriya devi was bitten by a poisonous snake. In truth, her separation from the Lord of her life took on the form of a snake and bit her. Despite the sincere attempts of all the doctors, they were not able to remove the poison and she left the world in separation from the Lord. Seeing her dear daughter-in-law leaving, Sachi mata cried piteously and spoke many unintelligibly words in her distress. After all the last rites were performed, the village women tried to pacify Sachimata with soothing words but her pain was intense as she had deeply loved and cared for her excellent daughter-in-law. After some time Sachinandan Gaurahari returned from his tour and offered his respectful obeisances to his mother. Seeing him Sachi mata began crying again and tearfully told him about the sad passing away of Laxmipriya. Although saddened at heart, Vishwambhar consoled his mother and continued living his life in an exemplary way in the association of his friends and other scholars in Nadia.

Soon thereafter, upon the insistence of Sachi mata, Gaurahari agreed to marry the extraordinary daughter of Sanatan Pandit, Vishnupriya. Again all preparations were made for the auspicious wedding ceremony of the Lord of the Universe, Vishwambhar. Considering himself to be most fortunate to have Nimai as his son-in-law, Sanatan made elaborate arrangements for the joyous marriage festival of his daughter. When the blessed day arrived, Nimai came to the house of Sanatan, which was beautifully decorated with flower garlands. Pots filled with clear water, mango leaves and coconuts were placed at the doorways, plantain trees were enhancing the beauty of the venue, fragrant incense were spreading a sweet scent in all the directions and the singing of the women was pleasing the ears of all the visitors. Sanatan welcomed the Lord and offered him a place to sit. He then washed his lotus feet, offered him a Garland, arati and other auspicious items.  Bringing his daughter from the inner chambers of the house, he sat her down on the left side of the Lord and amidst the chanting of auspicious mantras and the excited ululation of the assembled friends and family, he gave the hand of his extremely qualified, gorgeous, well-behaved, extraordinary and dearly loved daughter in the hand of Vishwambhar, the best of all grooms in the entire universe. After completing all the ceremonies and spending some time in the house of Sanatan pandit, Nimai Pandit returned home with his newly wedded wife and bowed down to take the blessings of his mother. Sachi mata affectionately took them inside the house and showered them with her love. Vishwambhar then started happily spending his days in the company of his dear mother, wife and friends, and mother Sachi was overjoyed to have Vishnupriya as her daughter-in-law.