Look, look at the son of Nanda

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Look, look at the son of Nanda, the king of Vraja

Blossoming with fresh youth, oozing with nectar

standing in an enchanting three fold bending form

defeating millions of cupids with his extraordinary beauty


Stealing the blackish blue lustre of a monsoon cloud,

with every limb as soft as freshly churned butter

his lotus feet and hands, navel and cheeks tinged with red

his crooked smile making the gopis loose all composure


His attractive thighs and hips covered with a yellow dhoti

a colourful kurta covering his broad chest, the resting place of laxmi

an artistic turban decorated with exquisite jewels sits upon his head

beautified with iridescent peacock feathers and colourful flowers


shooting shafts of cupid with his side long glances upon the delicate gopis

moving his eyebrows in various expressive ways, suggesting hidden desires

he captivates the hearts and minds of Srimati Radhika and her sakhis

and spreads forth waves of transcendental bliss through the divine  land of Vraja