Lord Balaram in the womb of Mother Rohini

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The pastimes of the Lord are eternally taking place in some or the other universe in this material creation along with the nitya lila that perpetually continues in the realm of Golok Vrindavan. Knowing that there are innumerable universes in this material manifestation, one universe coming out of each and every pore from the transcendental body of Karanodakshayi Vishnu, it can be understood that in one Universe Krishna is taking birth at this very moment, in another he is lifting the Govardhan hill on the little finger of his left hand, and in yet another he is speaking the Bhagawat Gita to Arjun on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra. This is not at all astonishing, for what is there which cannot be accomplished by the all mighty Supreme Personality of Godhead. Not only does the Lord therefore manifest his pastimes in various universes simultaneously, but all his associates also participate with him in all of his pastimes, for the Lord is never alone, he is always accompanied by his personal associates.

As must surely be happening right now in one of the universes, 5000 years ago around this time on this earthly planet also, mother Rohini was radiating a very special transcendental effulgence, for she had the elder brother and the first expansion of Krishna, Sri Balaram, in her womb. All the directions were filled with peace and all the inhabitants of Vraja felt transcendental happiness in their hearts, for, although they were unaware of it, they were soon going to be blessed with the appearance of Sri Balabhadra amongst them, who would later be named by Gargacharya as Ram, meaning the one who gives immense pleasure to one and all. Even while being in his mother’s womb, he was already filling everyone’s hearts with great bliss. Indeed, everyone was eagerly awaiting the coming of Rohininandan, and so they all started preparing for the festivities of the arrival of the child. Being the foremost of all servants of the Lord, it is but natural that he would appear first and make all preparations for the appearance of his younger brother Sri Krishna, who would appear just 8 days after him. The blissful anticipation of the coming of Balaram can be well understood, for today also, all the devotees’ hearts are filled with excitement for the upcoming festival of Balaram Jayanti, when they will all glorify the most merciful Lord Balaram and perform various services for his pleasure. Indeed, in Krishna consciousness one can experience that every day is a festival and every activity performed in Krishna consciousness is saturated with pure transcendental bliss.