Lord Ram’s stones that didn’t float

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Once, Sri Ram was standing at the shore of the ocean and was contemplating that the monkeys were making a bridge of stones over the mighty ocean, which was only being made possible due to the potency of his holy names which they were writing on the stones, thus making them float and form a bridge. He further thought that if by the potency of his name the stones could float, then certainly if he would himself put stones in the ocean, they should also float. Deciding to try this out, he threw a stone in the ocean and was expecting it to float. However, to his disappointment, the stone did not float but rather sank right to the bottom of the ocean. Seeing the stone sink, the Lord wondered what the mysterious reason for this was. Just then Hanuman came there and, seeing the Lord with a puzzled and disappointed look on his face, he humbly asked the reason for the Lord’s displeasure. When thus asked by Hanuman, Lord Ram told him what had happened and said that he did not understand that how is it that the stones with his name on them are floating but the one that he himself threw in the ocean sank to the bottom. Hearing this Hanuman smiled and offered to give the Lord the reason behind this. He said, “My dear Lord, your Holy names are non-different from you. They are endowed with all your potencies and are transcendental. Therefore, they are making the stones float, just like they make a devotee cross over the ocean of material existence. However, when you yourself, the deliverer and only shelter of one and all, throw away someone, then what will be the position and destination of such a person. Similarly, the stones with your holy names are floating but the stones that you are throwing away have no alternative but to sink, for their only shelter is casting them away. ” Hearing this explanation greatly pleased the Lord and he smilingly looked at Hanuman with affection and approval.

The glories of the Lord’s Holy names are unlimited, and therefore, we should all take shelter of them and thus cross over the ocean of material existence.