Lotus feet of the Vaishnavas, the only shelter

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asac-ceṣṭā-kaṣṭa-prada-vikaṭa-pāśālibhir iha
prakāmaṁ kāmādi-prakaṭa-pathapāti-vyatikaraiḥ
gale baddhvā hanye ’ham iti bakabhid vartmapa-gaṇe
kuru tvaṁ phutkārān avati sa yathā tvāṁ mana itaḥ

“Lust, anger and so on are a band of dacoits who assail one suddenly on the open road of material life. They have bound my neck licentiously with the torturous, dreadful ropes of wicked deeds and are thus killing me.” O mind, speaking in this way, you must grievously cry out to the powerful and merciful devotees who are the protectors of the path of devotion leading to Śrī Kṛṣṇa, the killer of Bakāsura. Hearing your piteous cry, they will surely protect you from such a condition.

Being surrounded by the external energy of the Lord on all sides, until and unless one is situated on a high platform in their Sadhana, there is a great chance that one gets assaulted by the moods of material nature, and falling prey to the grievous enemies of lust, anger, greed and so on, one gets entangled in the performance of sinful activities which ensures the soul’s bondage in this material world full of misery. Being a minute living entity, who does not possess any power to personally fight against the very powerful external energy of the Lord, the only hope for a sincere devotee is to piteously cry out for the mercy of the pure devotees, for they are the protectors of the path of devotion leading to Sri Krishna. Knowing them to be our sole shelter, we should take complete refuge at the lotus feet of the Vaishnavas, who are an ocean of mercy, deliverer of the fallen and like the wish fulfilling desire trees, who can bestow upon us the rare gem of Krishna prema. They can give one Krishna, for Krishna is their property. Taking a straw in our teeth, with folded hands, and tears flowing from our eyes, we should humbly approach the Vaishnavas, who are expert at relishing Bhakti Ras, and firmly hold on to their lotus feet. By thus taking shelter of their lotus feet, we can one day relish the sweetness of the Holy names of the Lord and be freed from the clutches of Maya.