Lotus feet

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May the reddish hue of  Sri Shyamsundar's Sarasvati soles tinge my heart with love
May I forever remember his toe nails, bright and white as the glorious river Ganges
May my mind be forever attracted to the Kalindi like bluish beauty of Ghanshyam's upper foot 
May the auspicious triveni confluence of Shyam's lotus feet be the sole object of my vision 
May the auspicious signs on his soft soles be the object of my constant meditation 
May the bee of my mind be drawn by the fragrance of the freshly blooming lotuses of Krishna's feet 
May the kumkum smeared on his lotus feet from the breasts of the Gopis be my tilak 
May the two mines of unlimited transcendental bliss of Krishna's feet appear in the core of my heart