Mahabhav Prakash

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Once all the queens of Dwarkadheesh Sri Krishna went to Mother Rohini and asked about the pastimes that their husband Sri Krishna performed in the holy land of Vrindavan. They had often heard him calling out the names of Nanda baba, Yashoda devi, his friends Subal, Sudam, Madhumangal and others and specially the Gopis headed by Srimati Radhika, lalit and Vishakha, in his sleep and he would wake up in the middle of the night due to separation from them. Hearing him call out the names of the Gopis, they would often discuss among themselves and wonder why was he so deeply attached to them and why he never called out the names of his wives like Rukmini, Satyabhama and others. Since, Rohini devi was personally present in Vraja and had observed his childhood pastimes, they all approached her and requested her to narrate his wonderful activities to them. Rohini devi agreed to fulfill their desire but warned that Krishna and Balaram should not hear about their discussions or else he would lose all composure and may run towards Vrindavan immediately. The queens then requested Subhadra, Sri Krishna’s younger sister, to stand guard outside the door and ensure that Krishna doesnt hear anything. After she consented to stand guard, all the queens entered into a chamber of the palace with Rohini devi where she started narrating the mesmerizing pastimes of Shyamsundar. While standing guard, Subhadra devi started getting curious and wanted to hear what was being told inside. She then put her ear close to the door and started listening to the sweet lilas that Rohini devi was telling. Hearing the wonderous stories of Krishna in Vrindavan, she started experiencing transcendental ecstacy and her limbs entered her body, while her eyes and mouth enlarged. Just then, Balabhadra and Krishna happened to come there and saw the amazing transformations in their sister. Understanding that something special was going on in the room, they also put their ear to the door and started listening. When they heard their own glorious pastimes in Vraja, they were oversome by the remembrance of their dear associates in Vraja and feeling transcendental love for them, they too started exhibiting ecstatic symptoms. Their arms and legs entered their torso and their eyes and mouth expanded, thus appearing in the form which is now famous as Sri Sri Jagannath Baladev Subhadra. Coincidentally Narad Muni appeared there at that time and seeing the amazing form of the Lord, he felt great jubilation. After the Lord regained his composure and came back to his normal form, Narad muni requested the Lord to appear in that form again for the benefit of all the living entities. Granting the wish of Narad, the Lord manifested his same Mahabhav prakash form as Lord Jagannath along with Lord Baladev and Devi Subhadra, and presides over Sri Jagannath Puri dham. All glories to Lord Jagannath, who is Sri Krishna absorbed in the thoughts of the Vrajavasis.