Manasik Vraja Mandal parikrama

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Kartik is commencing from tomorrow. This year we are doing online Vraja Mandal parikrama, which many of us would have never attended. This year Krishna’s mercy is flowing, and Vraja mandal has come to you in the form of this 30 day online parikrama .
How to go about it..Press the link is for Android Phones, the VMP App will download in your phone. ( I phone link is )
Everyday at 7 PM live parikrama experience will commence. Today is the Adhivas ceremony( gathering of devotees) and from tomorrow your 30 day Vraja Mandal parikrama begins. This is a wonderful opportunity to lose your heart Vrindavan
You can watch the mansik parikrama at any time during the day , the videos of dham will be available for good.
The Benefit of this Mansik Parikrama is going to be exactly same when you would have done it physically.
Following are a few posts to help get you there easier and better..
Try and don’t miss this golden opportunity..