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When will the most munificent Mahaprabhu mercifully manifest the Mahamantra in my Heart.
When will Lord Nityananda, with lotus feet more cooling than million moons, grant me entry into his market place of the Holy names.
When will Gadadhar Pandit give me shelter and instruct me in the service to his beloved Tota Gopinath.
When will Adwaita Prabhu, destroying my innumerable anarthas, instruct me in the science of Krishna conciousness.
When will Srivas Prabhu lovingly take me by my hand and bring me to the most auspicious Sankirtan happening in the courtyard of his house.
When will Namacharya Srila Haridas Thakur seat me next to him and enlighten my about the unlimited glories of Sri Naam.
When will Sri Swaroop Damodar grant me entry into his school of the highest moods of loving devotion to Sri Krishna.
When will Sri Ray Ramananda place his hand on my head and make my heart blossom with ecstatic transcendental devotion to Sri Hari.
When will Govinda Prabhu mercifully grant me the remnants of his service to Sachinandan in Gambhira, making my very existence successful.
When will this wretched destitute living entity attain all auspiciousness by receiving the blessings of Sri Gaurahari and his associates.