Naam Nishtha

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khand khand hoye deh jaye jadi prana
Tabu ami vadane na chadi Harinaam 

Even if my body is cut into pieces and my life air leaves the body, even then I shall not give up the chanting of Harinaam, the holy names of the Lord. Srila Haridas Thakur, an eternal associate of Sri Chaitanya Mahraprabhu who came to establish the Yuga dharma for this fallen age of Kali, was declared by Sri Sachinandana as Naamacharya, or the Acharya for the chanting of the holy names of the Lord. The Lord had conferred upon him this great title due to his unflinching faith in the holy names of the Lord and his practice of chanting three lakh names everday without fail. Although Srila Haridas Thakur was born in a muslim family, he was a Vaishnava of the highest order and a recipient of the affection and respect of Sri Gaurasundar. Due to his having taken up the process of Harinaam sankirtan, some muslim people complained to the Nawab, who in turn, instructed his servants to take Haridas Thakur and whip him in twenty two markets places, till his life would end. Even though a thrashing in a single market place was sufficient to kill a person, they whipped him in twenty two market places and yet he was protected by the Lord. This was due to his staunch faith in the names of the Lord. He exclaimed that even if his body were to be cut into pieces and his life air were to leave the body, yet he would not, in any circumstance give up the chanting of the Holy names of Sri Krishna. Such was the strong Nishtha, or unshakeable faith, that he had in Harinaam, due to which he is celebrated as Naamacharya and the ideal example of one who has strong Nishtha in Sri Naam. Therefore, we should daily pray at the lotus feet of Srila Haridaas Thakur so that some day we too may be able to develop strong faith in Harinaam.