Narasimha dev appearing in the dream of the Kazi

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Along with the famous pastime of Narasimha dev killing Hiranyakashipu, he also plays a great role in the pastime of Khola bhanga and the first civil disobedience movement led by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Once, upon receiving complaints from envious people in the neighborhood about the loud and ecstatic kirtan taking place in Srivas Angan every night, Chand Kazi, the muslim leader of Nawadweep, went to the house of Srivas pandit and, interrupting the kirtan, broke one of the mridangas, warning the devotees to not do kirtan again. When Sri Chaitanya dev heard of this news, he became really upset and ordered all the devotees to organize a huge march in disobedience of the Kazi’s order, bearing torches and singing loudly the names of Krishna. Soon the streets of Nadia were overtaken by devotees leading tumultuous kirtan and heading towards the residence of Chand Kazi. To everyone’s surprise, no one came forth to obstruct their way and when they reached the house of the Kazi, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and the Kazi had a lengthy discussion regarding various topics regarding dharma. In the course of the discussion, the Kazi narrated to Mahaprabhu the extraordinary dream that he had had the previous night. The night before the nagar sankirtan led by Mahaprabhu, the Kazi had a dream in which a half man-half lion personality jumped over his chest and threatened to kill him if he ever again dared to create any sort of obstacle in the chanting of the holy names of the Lord. This was none other than Bhakti vighna vinashak Narasimha dev, who came in the dream of the Kazi to ensure that no such people will create any hindrance in the spreading of the yuga dharma. The Kazi even showed Mahaprabhu the nail marks of Narasimha dev on his chest. Thereafter, he promised that neither would he or any of his descendants ever bother the devotees. And so, all the devotees could henceforth fearlessly perform Harinaam Sankirtan. May Lord Narasimha dev, who removed the obstacle of Kazi from the path of the devotee’s chanting of the holy names, remove all the anarthas in our hearts that are preventing us from making advancement in spiritual life, so that we may be able to dedicate ourselves completely in the service of Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar.