Nitai falls unconscious

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When Sri Nityananda Prabhu, the elder brother of Sri Gaurasundar and Lord Balaram himself, was a child and used to play with his friends, he would only play games that would enact the various pastimes of the Lord in his different incarnations. Sometimes they would enact different Krishna Lila’s, sometimes the pastime of Vamana dev and sometimes the pastimes of Lord Ram, the glory of the Sun dynasty.

When enacting the Lila of Lord Ram, Nitai would always play the role of Laxman, for he is Laxman himself, and he would instruct the rest of his playmates as to what should be enacted and in what way, under his direction, they would enact the pastimes of building a bridge over the ocean by throwing straw over a small river and then they would attack the army of Ravan. While fighting, Laxman was to be hit by the shakti weapon and he would become unconscious till Hanuman brings the Sanjeevani herbs from the Himalayas. After instructing the children what to do when he falls unconscious, the Lord enacted the pastime of being hit by the shakti weapon of Meghanath and falling unconscious. Being completely immersed in the mood of Laxman, Lord Nityananda actually fell unconscious, and seeing this all his friends became worried. Forgetting the instructions of Nitai, they all started crying pitifully and calling Nitai to wake up but no matter how much they would move him and request him to respond, he did not answer. Hearing the children crying, the elders of the village gathered around them and saw that Nitai was lying unconscious. When Hadai pandit and Padmavati devi, the parents of Nityananda prabhu, saw their beloved son lying there as if lifeless, they started crying profusely and were submerged in an ocean of unlimited grief. No one present could understand the cause of the Lord’s this state. A few elders then asked the children to tell them in detail what had happened and in response the kids told them about their enactment of the pastime of Laxman becoming unconscious upon being hit by the weapon of Indrajeet. Upon hearing the boys explain what had happened they could understand the entire situation and concluded that Nitai would be fine when hanuman would go and get the Sanjeevani herbs. When the children heard this, they were reminded of the instructions of Nitai, that he had given before they started the game. They immediately restarted their enactment of the pastime and Hanuman was sent to fetch the herbs. When the boy playing the role of Hanuman brought some grass as herbs and put them in front of the nose of Nitai, he immediately came back to external consciousness and continued playing the role of Laxman as if nothing at all had happened. Upon seeing their beloved Nitai awakened from his unconscious state, his parents, all his friends and all the other villagers who had gathered there were greatly relieved and extremely pleased to again hear the sweet voice of Nitai and see his beautiful smile. In this way Nityananda Prabhu was always engaged in remembering the various pastimes of the Lord from his very childhood.