Nitai guna mani amar

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Blesses is this planet earth, on whom the glorious Lord Nityananada walked and performed his pastimes. His heart brimming with compassion, he freely distributed the treasure of Krishna Bhakti to one and all, without taking into consideration the qualification of the person. He inundated the entire universe in the sweet nectar of Krishna Bhakti and performed numerous extraordinary pastimes which attract the hearts and minds of all the devotees. He was very dear to Lord Gaura sundar and Gauranga was his life and soul. Anyone who had love for Gaurange would purchase Nityananda Prabhu and become most dear to him. Srila Lochan das thakur, the writter of Sri Chaitanya Mangal, has beautifully glorified nityananda prabhu with the following verses:

nitāi guṇa-maṇi āmār nitāi guṇa-maṇi
āniyā premer vanyā bhāsāilo avanī

My Lord Nityananda, the jewel of all virtues, my Lord Nityananda, the jewel of all virtues, has brought the flood of ecstatic love of God that has drowned the entire world.

premer vanyā loiyā nitāi āilā gauḍa-deśe
ḍubilo bhakata-gaṇa dīna hīna bhāse

Bringing this overwhelming deluge of prema when He returned to Bengal from Jagannatha Puri on Lord Caitanya’s order, Nitai has inundated the assembly of devotees. The fallen nondevotees did not drown, however, but remained floating on that ecstatic ocean.

dīna hīna patita pāmara nāhi bāche
brahmār durlabha prema sabākāre jāce

Lord Nityananda freely offered this exalted prema, which is difficult for Lord Brahma to attain, even to the fallen and wretched souls who did not desire it.

ābaddha karuṇā-sindhu niṭāi kāṭiyā mohān
ghare ghare bule prema-amiyār bān

The ocean of mercy had formerly been sealed tight, but Nitai cut a channel in its boundary to allow the great flooding waves of nectarean prema to splash from house to house.

locan bole mor nitāi jebā nā bhajilo
jāniyā śuniyā sei ātma-ghātī hoilo

Locana dasa says, “Whoever has not worshiped my Nitai or taken advantage of this excellent opportunity offered by Him knowingly commits suicide.”