O master of the Vrajavasis

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Drowning in the ocean of material miseries
Having followed the whims of the wicked mind
I experience nothing but endless distress
Of every possible sort and kind

The soul hankers for some pure bliss
But all I get is a drop in the desert
The ocean of happiness lays far beyond
only to be reached by the spiritually expert

Despite knowing the precarious situation
I make no endeavour to escape this hell
Suffering unending trials and tribulations
I remain stuck in this material prison cell

O my Lord, O master of the Vrajavasis
I bow down before you and clasp your lotus feet
Save me from the dreaded disease of material existence
Engage me in your service, the epitome of all that is sweet

Then I shall sing and chant your holy names
submerged in the ocean of pure bliss and ecstasy
Distress shall be unknown to my soul in its true position
Engaged in the ultimate occupation of serving you incessantly