O My dear Lord

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O My dear Lord,

I have danced enough as a puppet in the hands of Maya

I have suffered enough the miseries of material existance

I have been averse long enough from your eternal service


O My dear Lord,

I have long served the merciless masters Lust and greed

I have long fulfilled the demands of the senses by all means

I have long listened to my mind and followed its wilful whims


O My dear Lord,

Kindly save me now from the burning hellish condition of my life

Kindly grant me shelter under the cooling shade of your lotus feet

Kindly dispel the poison of nescience  with the ambrosia of  pure love


O My dear Lord,

Steal my heart and mind, so I may always think of you and you alone

Accept me as your servant and engage me in your loving service

Place me at the lotus feet of your beloved Srimati Radhika, the queen of Vrindavan