O My master

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O My master! Be merciful upon me
Your lotus feet are the only shelter 
May my mind be the bee 

Fallen in the ocean of material miseries 
be my helmsman and take me over 
Save me, I am your surrendered servant 
you shall find no one than me lower

I have no desire or qualification 
But you are the personification of Mercy
Compelled by your very own nature 
take pity upon me even though I'm not worthy 

I have dreamt big on the strength of faith 
to be blessed with the remnants of your service 
That you perform to the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika 
Please train me and correct me with sternness 

Bless me with unflinching faith in your lotus feet 
The abode of all auspiciousness and benevolence 
Single pointed service to the Spiritual master 
Leads one to the service of the Lord in all excellence