Our Welcome Center

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The Welcome Centre of the temple, which was closed due to the lockdown, has reopened and is once again ready to serve the devotees. Providing various services like taxi bookings, package tours in and around Vrindavan, flight bookings, train bookings and Foreign exchanges(Forex), the Welcome center endeavors to assist the devotees in arranging their travel and stay in Vrindavan, so that they may be able to experience the bliss of the dham without having to stress about these things. The Welcome center is also there to help the visitors with any general assistance and information that they may need.

The devotees visiting Vrindavan may need to arrange for their taxi to and from the airport or other destinations, or train and flight tickets, and the Welcome center is there for just this. If you are visiting Vrindavan for the first time, or you have been here numerous times before, and would like to know about which places to visit in the dham, we provide package tours with guides that can take your around and show you the various pastime places of the Lord. We also provide the service of Foreign Exchange for those visiting us from the West and ensure that you get a good prize for your Laxmi.

The Welcome center strives to offer all these crucial services for the devotees right within the premises of the temple so that the devotees do not have to search for these facilities elsewhere and can rely on the good assistance offered by the Welcome center.