Panditah sama darsinah

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brahmane gavi hastini
suni caiva sva-pake ca
panditah sama-darsinah

The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision a learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater [outcaste] .

When a living entity is situated in pure Krishna Consciousness, he sees everyone with an equal vision, being fully aware about the constitutional position of each and every living entity as a part and parcel of the Lord and his eternal servant. Due to being subjected to the reactions of one’s activities, the living entities suffer in various species and various material conditionings in this world, but factually they are all eternal, full of bliss and knowledge. Due to being averse from the Supreme Lord, they are serving the senses as directed by the three moods of material energy, but when, by great good fortune, one takes to the process of Krishna Consciousness, one can understand the true situation and, being fixed in the self, come under the jurisdiction of the Lord’s internal potency and thereafter engage in the service of the Supreme Lord. Such exalted souls see with equal vision all the living entities and are therefore free from all vices such as jealousy, enviousness and others. Situated in pure bliss and eager to make others taste the same transcendental bliss, they preach the glories of the Lord for the benefit of all. This position of seeing everyone with equal vision as the part and parcel of the Lord and seeing the Lord situated in everyone’s heart is true knowledge. Once fixed in this knowledge, one does not fall prey to the false ego, which is the cause of all misery in this material world. Therefore, one who is eager to attain true knowledge and peace should carefully study Srimad Bhagwat Gita under the guidance of a pure devotee, where all these deep truths that lead to pure bliss are elaborately explained by the Supreme Lord himself.