Peace Rally against the attack in Bangladesh

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After the unfortunate events that took place in Bangladesh, where our Iskcon Temple was attacked and numerous devotees killed, devotees all over the world are endeavouring to draw the attention of the government towards these heinous activities, with the hope that such issues be addressed, the culprits be punished and necessary action be taken to prevent such happenings in the future. In order to do so, the devotees of Iskcon Vrindavan organised a peace rally in Mathura in front of the DM’s office.

Many devotees participated and carried signs asking for justice for Bangladeshi Hindus, stating how Hindu lives matter and reminding that violence must be stopped or else Krishna has his weapon too and the demoniac people shall be punished.

Such attacks on devotees of the Lord, based on differences in religious practice is truly unfortunate and must be stopped. The true eternal nature of all souls is to serve the Lord. We should all do so in peace and harmony while respecting each other.

The blissful faces of the devotees is a sign of complete faith on the Supreme Lord and his protection, knowing that everything is in Krishna’s hands. We must all strive to live happily and in harmony while serving the Lord. Inflicting pain upon devotees of God is a great disrespect to God himself.

Chanting the holy names of the Lord is the only true means of auspiciousness in this age of Kali and therefore the devotees performed kirtan during the rally to bring about peace and auspiciousness for everyone.

Let such atrocities end forever and those who are against peaceful living be punished. We must all remember who really is the Supreme Controller and try to live peacefully in accordance with his desires, the only can we be happy.

We request all devotees around the world to strongly disagree to such treatment. The ones who disturb the peace loving devotees of the Lord should be punished, for unless such violent miscreants are not put in place, peace shall not prevail. Ultimately, we must all remember that Krishna is in charge and sincerely strive to make advancement in our Krishna Consciousness so that we may never have to return to this world full of miseries.