Phullendivara-kantim, he whose complexion is like a blue lotus

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phullendivara-kantim indu-vadanam barhavatamsam priyamshrivatsankam udara-kaustubha-dharam pitambaram sundaramgopinam nayanotpalarcita-tanum go-gopa-sanghavritamgovindam kala-venu-vadana-karam divyanga-bhusham bhaje

I worship Govinda, whose complexion is color of a blooming blue lotus flower, whose face is like the moon, who is fond of wearing a peacock feather crown,who bears the mark of Srivatsa, who wears a great Kaustubha gem, who is dressed in yellow garments, whose handsome form is worshiped with offerings of lotus flowers that are the gopis’ glances, who is accompanied by a host of Surabhi cows and cowherd boys, who is fond of sweetly playing on the flute, and whose transcendental body is decorated with glistening ornaments.

This beautiful verse written by Srila Rupa Goswami in the Padyavali describes the exquisitely beautiful form of Sri Shyamsundar, the reservoir of all beauty and sweetness. Sri Krishna, who is the very embodiment of Rasa, akhil rasamrita murti, attracts the hearts and minds of all the Vrajavasis with his charm and beauty, and this very beauty is responsible for making the grave hearts of the gopis restless with prema. Although all mundane comparisons are inadequate to properly describe the transcendental form of the Lord, the pure devotees, who are able to see the Lord in the core of their hearts, give such comparisons and descriptions to give some idea of the beauty of the Lord to those who are still on the material platform and incapable of beholding the transcendental form of the Lord within their hearts. Taking shelter of all the exalted vaishnavas, we pray that some day Sri Shyamsundar makes his appearance in our hearts as well.