Brahmanda Ghata (Mahavan)

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This is a very famous ghat thathas been glorified throughout the vedic ltreatures as well as innumerable songs and poen of the vasnava saints. This pastimes at Brahmanda Ghata reveals Krishna to be a small helpless child in the care of his mother, while simultaneously being the supreame creator of the entire universe. In regard to this pastime, the word ‘brahmanda’ refers to he ‘material universe’, as well as to krishna’s ‘universal form’.

One day when krishna and Balaram were playing with their friends by the sacred banks of the yamuna, some of the boys accused krishna of eating clay. Even Balaram supported the boys and said that had eaten clay. krishna however denied this, but nervertheless some of the boys ran off to tell mother Yasoda that krishna had eaten clay. Mother yasoda came immediately to chastise Krishna for his naughty behavior, if indeed he had eaten clay as the boys has claimed. krishna denied before his mother that he had eaten clay and complained against other boys, saying that for some reason they were not happy with Him, perhaps having lost in some game, and had therefore lodged a false complaint. Krishna informed mother Yasoda that if she cared to look inside His mouth, she could see for herself weather He had eaten clay or not.

Mother yasoda agreed to this proposal and when Krishna opened His mouth, she looked inside. To Her Utter astonishment she saw the gigantic univarsal form including the whole cosmic manisfestation with all its divisions of planets and shining stars, the sun and moon, the total material element, eternal time, outer space, all the great rivers and mountains, the demigods, the living entities, and she could also see herself , with krsna sitting on her lap drinking her breast milk. Yasoda was totally bewildered by what she saw in Krishna’s mouth, and began to wonder weather she was dreaming or seeing some play of the illusionary energy, or was it some various kind of mystic power being displyed by her unsual child. she then began philosophizing in various way about how she was under the illusion of the bodily concept, thinking King Nanda of the cowherd men to be her husband and Krishna to be her son, and all he wealth and reaches yogmaya potency and mother yasoda immediately forgot about all the weighty philosophical to her lap and once again become overcome in the ecstasy of motherly affection.