Community Service Centre - Iskcon Vrindavan

Community Service Centre – Iskcon Vrindavan


Our Mission Statement

To create and offer programs and facilities that promote ongoing advancement in:

  • Devotional Service
  • Healthy loving sadhu-satsang
  • Well-being of our Krishna Balarama Family

In order to fulfill the objectives of our beloved founder Acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Srila Prabhupada, the Guru Parampara and Lord Caitanya.

Our Slogan

Care, Communication, Co-operation and Collaboration


  • Our CSC Office is located just opposite the Balaram Hall
  • The office is generally open from 11 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.
  • Phone +91 9997011158
  • Email:

We have a Facebook PAGE named ‘Iskcon Vrindavan Community Service’ containing a digital bulletin board advertising goods and services. We also have a GROUP under the same name where handy downloadable files are found under FILES in the top menu bar. Click Here
The files are:

  • Our Iskcon Vrindavan Handbook
  • Local Guesthouses, rates and contact info
  • Our Thali Report tells you where to get a good meal, cost and timings
  • Yellow pages – a Directory of Goods and Services
  • Medical Services List in our Area
  • Dying in Vrindavan- sample legal documents in Russian and English
  • Taxi, Motor Rickshaw and Pedal Rickshaw Rate Guide
  • A Current Map of ISKCON Vrindavan Campus
  • A Simple Map of Vrindavan
  • Current Yatras in English and Russian

ISKCON Vrindavan’s First Community Service Center 

By Sukhada devi dasi (MVT Vrindavan and Los Angeles, CA)

Vrindavan Iskcon has recently opened its NEW and Innovative Community Service Center across from the Balaram Hall, behind the Krsna Balarama Mandir.  Smiling faces fill the center every day to greet you and help you with everythingcommunity related. Originally conceived by the Vrindavan Temple President, Pancagauda Prabhu and his wife, Gaura Purnima devi dasi, the project quickly became the nurtured baby of Iskcon’s Senior Vaishnava Women. Dedicated to serving Srila Prabhupada, these devotees met time and again to brainstorm the project that opened its doors on September 13, 2013, the glorious appearance day of Srimati Radharani, Sri Radhastami.

Kusha Devi Dasi, a Prabhupada disciple from Hawaii, is now spearheading the project by becoming its first director. If you don’t know her, you should! She has a sparkling personality, full of life and anxious to serve the devotees. If you have a special service you would like to offer, she will relish finding a way to engage you. 

She also has happy and dedicated volunteers who have joined with her in doing the needful tasks..

The Community Service Center’s Budding Departments are:

Administration: Kusha devi dasi (Director), Kamala devi dasi (Assistant Director), Preeti Chauhan (Secretary)
Aesthetic Efficiency Guild: Gaur Purnima devi dasi
Bhaktin Mentoring: Annuradha (Australian), Krishna Kirtan ACBSP (French)
Book Keeping: Kamala devi dasi
Bulletin Boards: Devotee Classifieds- Swaranim Gopi Devi Dasi, Vision Board and Flow Chart- Kamala devi dasi and  Kusha devi dasi
Campus Map: Hari Rama dasa, Kusha devi dasi
Daily Announcements: Kamala devi dasi
Dying in the Dham: Sample legal paperwork and instructions on how to peacefully pass away in this most holy place, in Russian and English (text doc and pdf formats) can be found on our Iskcon Vrindavan Community Service Facebook Group under FILES on the menu bar. Contact: Kusha devi dasi or Click Here ,Select the Dying in India document and download.​
Clean and Green Environment: Working to make ISKCON Vrindavan a green facility are: Gaura Purnima, Nirguna, , Kusha devi dasi

Family Matters: We need volunteers.

  • Matrimonial assistance – we need someone to volunteer to manage this department
  • Mediation, Negotiating, Mentoring and Counseling: Their Grace Gunarnava and Visalini Prabhus
  • Courses on joyful relating- Gunarnava Prabhu, Visalini devi dasi, Vraja Lila devi dasi, Lalita, Hari Kirtan devi dasis

Handbook Department: Manjari, Kunja Kalika and Kusha devi dasis. 

Health Care Clinic Through our Devotee Care Department : Kaneya Prabhu man’s the Dr.’s Station,  Dr, Gandarvika Giridhari devi dasi goes around to devotees who need injections
Hindi Suggestion and Complaint Department: Krishna Putri devi dasi
Istagoshtis Agenda: Kusha devi dasi.
Phone Directory and Devotee Emergency Contact List: Kamala devi dasi
Publications: Manjari devi dasi, Sukhada devi dasi, Kamala devi dasi, Amrita Gopi devi dasi, Kusha devi dasi, Bhakta Priya dasa.
Russian Community Service:  Amrita Gopi +91 9557118963
Seminar Event Coordinator: Ayurveda, Holistic Health, Energy conservation, Mental Wellness and a host of other uplifting topics. Kusha devi dasi+919997011158.

Senior Vaisnava Home and Health Care Program: We need donations to be put into fixed deposits toward building a Senior Vaisnava Care Home and maintaining a Senior Vaisnava Health Care Fund. Kusha devi dasi, Prem Prakash dasa

Seva Suggestion, Complaint and Incident Reporting:Kamala, Kusha devi dasis
Travel Tips:  Kusha devi dasi and Nagapatni devi dasi

Tulasi Arotik: in the Balaram Hall (to get on the schedule for leading kirtan and doing tulasi arotik contact- Visakha devi dasi +91 99970-11163
Vaisnavi Sanga: Ladies regularly getting together. Maha devi dasis

Website Coordination: Kusha devi dasi and Kamala devi dasis
Website Correspondent: Photography and Reporting: Kusha devi dasi

Welcome Home to Vrindavan: Getting to know you, getting to know us. Matching your talents with joyful seva. Get to know the service departments to see where to perform joyful devotional service.

Yellow Pages: Directory of Goods and Services: Kusha devi dasi, Kamala devi dasi

And . . . the department has arranged to have a large map written in three languages placed at the three gates as you enter into Vrindavan ISKCON, showing where all departments are located.
Kusha explains that the Community Service Center helps your trip to Vrindavan be hassle free!  Directories, Guides and Guest House Lists, etc. are available in the Welcome Center, located beside Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi, as well as the Community Center and the handbook can be found in any of the Book Stalls.

Future copies may include advertising for local businesses who would like your business and who would also like to support the pilgrims visiting Vrindavan.
Kusha said she would like everyone to be part of this “creative explosion.” This is ALL in the formative stages and we hope devotees will help with their resourceful ideas.

 If you would like to know more, their Facebook page is: Iskcon Vrindavan Community Service (page and a group with downloadable files).


If you would like to make a donation for any aspect of this department, please call, email or text message both Kusha devi dasi at

Please join the NEW Community Service Center in Vrindavan serving the devotees with a smile – for Krsna.   Come and offer your service or accept ours.  We are excited – just thinking about YOU coming to Vrindavan!

Facebook: Iskcon Vrindavan Community Service- Group & Page

email address:

phone number: +91 9997011158