Purushottam Maas

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In bygone times it once so happened 
An extra month came into existence  
Considering it impure and unworthy 
He was denied proper acceptance 

No one performed any auspicious activity 
No one showed towards him any sympathy 
Being heart broken and utterly disheartened 
He went to Lord Vishnu and told his tragedy 

Being compassionate and wanting to help 
but not being able to find a solution 
Lord Vishnu took the month to Goloka
Where he saw Krishna and asked for protection 

Hearing the plight of the destitute month 
Krishna wiped his tears and blessed him thus 
'Henceforth your name shall be Purushottam 
 and your glories the vaishnavas will discuss'

Imbuing him with his name and powers 
Sri Krishna bestowed great favour on him 
whosoever performs devotional services 
shall achieve great good fortune for him 

The devotees therefore are greatly joyous 
when this auspicious month comes around 
every three years they get this opportunity 
to perform services by which Krishna is bound 

Chant more, read more, perform more seva 
Sing the glories of the Lord with great love
In this way celebrate this month of Purushottam 
and be blessed by the Lord from above