Radha Kunda tata

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For the devotees who are spontaneously attracted to the all attractive personality of Godhead, Sri Shyamsundar, certain objects, places, people and other paraphernalia remind them of their beloved and become the cause of the awakening of various transcendental sentiments in their hearts. These are known as Uddipaka or Uddipana. Like, the dark blue rain clouds in the sky, the tamal tree, Sapphires and other dark blue objects remind one of Krishna’s all-attractive Shyam complexion. Similarly, yellow garments, peacock feathers and gunja berries remind one of his attire, while lotuses remind one of his beautiful eyes. His numerous pastime places remind one of his transcendental loving sports with his friends, parents and his most beloved cowherd maidens of Vraja. Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur has composed the following beautiful Bhajan, in which he is mentioning numerous pastime places as the Uddipaka, remembering which or beholding which one is reminded of Sri Krishna and his eternal associates along with the sweet pastimes performed in these places.


govardhana-parvata, jāmuna-tīr

kusuma-sarovara, mānasa-gańgā

kalinda-nandinī vipula-tarańga

vaḿśī-vaṭa, gokula, dhīra-samīr


khaga-mṛga-kula, malaya-bātās

mayūra, bhramara, muralī-vilās

venu, śṛńga, pada-cihna, megha-mālā

vasanta, śaśańka, śańkha, karatāla

yugala-vilāse anukūla jāni

līlā-vilāse-uddīpaka māni

e saba choḍato kańhi nāhi jāu

e saba choḍato parāna hārāu

bhakativinoda kohe, śuno kān!

tuwā uddīpaka hāmārā parān

 The cottage in the grove on the banks of Radha-kunda, the great Govardhana Hill, the banks of the Yamuna, Kusuma-sarovara, Manasa-ganga, the daughter of Kalinda (the Yamuna) with her many waves, the Vamsi-vat, Gokula, Dhira-samira, the trees and creepers and reeds of Vrndavana, the different varieties of colorful birds, the deer, the cooling breeze from the Malaya Mountains, the peacocks, the bumblebees, the pastimes with the flute, the flute itself, the buffalo horn bugle, the footprints of cows in the dust of Vraja, the rows of blackish rain clouds, springtime, the moon, the conch-shell, and the karatalas – all these I know to be very conductive for the pastimes of Radha and Krsna. I recognize in them a transcendental stimulus for making the Lord’s charming pastimes more intense. I refuse to go anywhere if there stimuli to devotional service are not there, for to abandon them is to abandon life itself. Bhaktivinoda says, “Please hear me, O Kana! Your entourage and paraphernalia stimulate remembrance of You and are the very source of my life.”