Radharani disguised as Subal

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Once when Shrimati Radhika was restricted to leave her house by her mother-in-law Jatila and was unable to go meet Govinda, Shri Hari felt intense separation from Shrimati and was weeping calling out her names in utter distress. Seeing the sorrowful situation of Shyam, His intimate friend Subal, who also assists in the pastimes of the divine couple, reassured him of figuring out a way to bring Radhika to him. Saying this he went to Shri Radha’s house where he confronted Jatila, and when Jatila asked for the purpose of his coming there, he said that a calf from his herd had entered in their house and that he had come to look for that calf, hearing which Jatila told him to find the calf and leave as soon as possible. Saying this he entered the area surrounding the house and with the help and direction of the gopis he entered the room of Shrimati Radhika through the window, where he explained the pitiful condition Krishna was in, in separation from her. Hearing Subal, Shrimati Radhika felt great distress and was eager to dissipate the separation that Shyam was feeling by immediately going to him. However, she felt extremely anguished at not being able to do so due to her mother-in-laws severe restrictions. Upon seeing this Subal suggested that they should change their dresses so that she could escape in place of him and he would stay in her room, so that Jatila would not get suspicious. All the gopis consented to the idea as Subal and Shrimati Radhika were similar in complexion and look, and therefore they immediately started dressing Shrimati Radhika in Subal’s clothes and Subal was given the dress of Shrimati Radhika. She then immediately left the room and took a calf in her arms as the calf that Subal had been looking for and to hide her breasts so that Jatila would not be suspicious. Thereafter she went to the kunja where Shri Krishna was weeping in lamentation due to feeling extreme separation from her. Seeing the condition of Krishna Shrimati Radhika felt very sad, however to increase the rasa of meeting, she came before Krishna in her disguise as Subal, speaking in the voice of Subal and with a sorrowful expression, she said that she had been unable to bring Shrimati Radhika. Hearing this statement Shri Krishna, who had become hopeful of meeting Shri Radha upon seeing Subal, became even more distressed knowing that his friend had been unable to bring his Priyatama to him. Seeing this Shrimati Radhika smiled with her beautiful lips, red as the bimba fruits and displaying a row of shining white teeth which appeared like a row of precious pearls, and she embraced Shri Krishna with her graceful lotus stem like arms. Being embraced by Her Shri Krishna felt immense pleasure and satisfaction in his heart and realizing that it was Shrimati Radhika herself in the form of Subal, he was immersed in the ocean of joy of being able to meet his most beloved Govinda-mohini.