Rainy season in Vraja

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After the summer season in Sri Vrindavan, during which the water in the water reservoirs recede and the vegetation looks dry, the much-awaited rains rejuvenate the entire atmosphere and the forests once again become lush and green. The lakes and rivers fill up with water and blue, pink, red, white and golden lotuses bloom in all directions. The trees sprout new leaves and flowers that emit a beautiful fragrance in the air, intoxicating the bees and making them buzz with bliss. The flowering creepers dance about in the gently blowing breeze, displaying their bliss by showing their flower smiles. Hearing the thunder and witnessing the dark blue rain clouds in the sky, which remind them of Shyamsundar, the peacocks start dancing with their gorgeous tails spread open. Seeing the splendorous beauty of Vrindavan, Shyamsundar enters this most fortunate forest with his beloved friends to enjoy various sports. His cows feast on the fresh tender grass while the cowherd boys enjoy swimming in the lakes and rivers, imitating the various forest animals and playing various games like tug of war, hide and seek, football with Bael fruits and many others. Desiring to relish the wonderful weather with their beloved Gopinath, the Gopis also enter the enchanting forest, full of divine beauty. Having made the excuse of going to pick flowers or bathing in the Yamuna, the Gopis send a message to their beloved to meet in a grove at the banks of the Yamuna. There, watching the graceful swans swimming in the waters of the river, hearing the songs of the cuckoos, drinking honey drinks and enjoying the beautiful sight and smell of the fragrant flowers like Champa, juhi, chameli, bela, roses and numerous other flowers growing all around, the divine couple Sri Sri Radha Shyamsindar engage in various pleasurable pastimes in the association of their dear Gopi friends headed by Lalita and Vishakha, while being attentively served by the manjaris headed by Rupa and Rati. In this way, all the inhabitants of Vraja relish the rainy season in Vrindavan in the association of Sri Krishna, their’ very life and soul.