Raksisyatiti visvaso

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The devotees surrendering at the lotus feet of the Lord are always fearless, for they have complete faith that Sri Krishna will protect them. The faith that Krishna shall always protect us is the third division of Sharanagati or Shraddha. It is on the strength of this faith that the sadhus and yogis are not fearful to go and live in dense forests amidst wild animals and other dangers, for they have full faith that they shall always be protected by Sri Krishna, at whose lotus feet they are surrendered souls. It is due to this faith that despite the numerous attempts that Hiranyakashipu made to kill Prahlad, he was not in the least disturbed. It is on the strength of this faith that Dhruv Maharaj, a mere five years old boy, left home and went into the wilderness to do penances. What to speak of small insignificant dangers and inconveniences, even in the face of death, the devotees of the Lord are not in the least bewildered, as they have complete conviction that they are being protected by the most  merciful Lord. Srila Raghunath das Goswami would also sit and perform his bhajan at the banks of Sri Radhakund, where occasionally tigers would come to drink water. Once, Sri Sanatan Goswami himself saw Sri Krishna standing with a stick protecting his dear devotee Raghunath, while a tiger was drinking water from Radhakund nearby. Seeing this Sanatan goswami instructed him to make a hut so that he would not have to take service from their Lord, who was personally coming there for the protection of Srila Raghunath das gowami. In the life of Srila Prabhupad also we can observe how at the age of 69 he undertook the difficult journey of going to the west and accomplished what would have been considered impossible till he actually did it. The pure devotees of the Lord, as Srila Prabupad, are capable of performing such amazing activities due to their complete faith on the protection of the Lord. Srila Prabhupad had two heart attacks while on the Jaladuta but Sri Krishna protected him and he was able to preach the message of the Supreme Personality of Godhead through out the entire world. Therefore, one who is eager to proceed to further stages of Bhakti must have the unflinching faith that Shyamsundar shall protect us. Having this faith, one should fearlessly go on practising Bhakti in all situations in life and rest assured that Krishna shall protect and take care of us in all circumstances.