Ram Vijay Utsav and Madhavacharya appearance day

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All glories to the dashami tithi in the month of Ashvin, which marks the victory of Lord Ram over the demon Ravan. It was on this auspicious day that Ravan, who had committed the grievous offence of abducting Devi Sita, the consort of Lord Ram, by deceit when she was alone in the hermitage, where Ram, Sita and Laxman were residing during their exile from Ayodhya in compliance with the instructions of Dashrath, the father of Lord Ram, was killed by Lord Ram in a great battle which ensued for many days between the demons and the army of Lord Ram comprising of Monkeys. After having crossed the great Indian Ocean and having killed the entire demon force of Ravan, on this day the final decisive war was fought by Lord Ram against Ravan, and the Lord brought an end to the life of the great demon, whose destruction was the primary cause of the Lord’s appearance. This day marks the victory of good over evil and is therefore celebrated with great jubilation by all the devotees of the Lord in the memory of this pastime.

This is also the appearance day of Sri Madhavacharya, the chief acharya in the sampradaya coming from Lord Brahma. Born in Karnataka, Madhavacharya, also known as Purna Prajna Tirtha and Ananda Tirtha, took sanyas at a very young age and studied all the shastras under the guidance of Sri Acyutapreksha. Thereafter, he widely preached the philosophy of Shudha-dvaita and service unto the lotus feet of Vishnu or Krishna, and defeated numerous atheists all over the Country. With the aim to meet Srila Vyasadev, he went to the Himalayas and there he had darshan of Srila Vyasadev, who blessed Madhavacharya, approved of his commentary on the Bhagwad Gita and gave him a Shaligram Shila named Ashtamurti. He also established the deity of Udupi Krishna, whom he had found in a lump of Gopi chandan which he got from a merchant, whose ship he had helped in saving. In this way, through his extensive preaching he established the worship of Vishnu and Krishna and crushed the philosophy of Shankaracharya, Buddha and other atheistic philosophic preachers. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu himself accepted to come in the Sampradaya of Srila Madhavacharya and instructed his followers to follow the teachings of Madhavacharya given in the books that he wrote very expertely. Srila Jiva goswami also drew heavily from the works of Madhavacharya when he was writing his Sat sandarbhas. We are all therefore dependent upon the special mercy of Srila Madhavacharya for being able to make any spiritual advancements in our lives, as we come in his Shudha-dvaita Sampradaya. May Srila Madhavacharya bestow upon us all, his causeless transcendental mercy.