Ramayan, The Legend of Prince Ram

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Bhagavad-gita states, “dhyayato visayan pumsah sangas tesupajayate – while contemplating the objects of the senses, a person develops attachment for them.” This implies that a person develops attachment to those objects or topics he discusses and contemplates. Just like a materialist develops attachment to sense objects due to association with them, similarly, those who are sincere about making progress on the path of spiritual advancement can develop attachment to the Supreme Lord by associating with Him by discussing and contemplating the topics related to Him.

 The holy name, form, qualities and pastimes of the Lord are the very ladder of our sadhana and spiritual life. By chanting of holy names, the form and qualities of the Lord are revealed, thereby opening the divine gateway of the divine world, Goloka-Vrndavana, where the Divine Couple, Sri Sri Radha Krsna, engage in Their transcendental loving pastimes. This is our supreme destination and goal of life.

Recently, we observed the appearance day of Nityananda Prabhu – Nityananda triyodasi. 

It is stated that as a child, Nitai would enact rama-lila” with His friends. He would play the part of Laksmana, and in the pastime of bringing that Gandamadana Mountain, He would remain in a faint for hours, until someone took the role of Hanuman and treated Him with Sanjivani. He never played ordinary games like other children but always enacted the pastimes of the Lord. By this, He taught us all the importance of reading, watching, enacting different pastimes of the Lord. This is why Srila Prabhupada always encouraged cultural programs.

Learning from this, , the devotees in Iskcon Vrindavan try their best to present cultural programs on important festivals for the pleasure of the Lordships and devotees. 

Particularly, the Ramayana is the one of the most loved presentations by the devotee artists carrying the audience to Saket dhama!  This Rama Navmi also, the cultural department is preparing a phenomenal two day Rama-lila on the 9th and 10th April, for the 47th year anniversary celebration of the Sri Sri Krsna Balram Temple.

It is said that contributing even a single brick to construct a temple is of value, so if anyone would like to make any donations toward the cultural program or if you would like to promote them in our Krsna Balaram temple, it would be appreciated. Of course, your name would also be written in the records of Sri Vrnda-devi as one of the  supporters of Krsna lila! ( laughter) 

Iskcon Vrindavana invites sponsors for Rama Navami 2022. You can write to us at info@iskconvrindavan.com or visit here for making your contribution.

Seeking the blessings of all Vaisnavas,

Naam Chinatamani Devi Dasi 

Cultural Department (Iskcon Vrindavan)