Red hot eyes

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When Lord Ram stood at the shore of the great ocean, desiring to cross over and reach the city of Lanka, where the wicked demon Ravan had captured his beloved wife Sita, the ocean did not give him a way to pass despite the Lord’s repeated requests and austerities for three days. Seeing that the ocean was not cooperating made the Lord extremely angry and his eyes turned red with anger. Due to the angry glare of the red hot eyes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead the ocean started to heat up and all the aquatics started experiencing great discomfort on account of the great heat created by the rage of the Lord. Understanding the discomfort of the residents of his waters, the personified ocean, out of fear of Sri Ram’s rage, appeared in front of the Lord with folded hands. He begged forgiveness and told Lord Ramchandra the means by which he could cross over the ocean.

This is the difference between the ordinary living entities and the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Lord is not devoid of feelings like some impersonalists think, rather he is the reservoir of all emotions and feelings and it is only due to the presence of such sentiments in the Lord that we too as human beings, who are eternal parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord and are created after his personal features, that we too experience emotions. Although qualitatively one, the difference between the Lord and the living entities lies in the quantity, where the Lord is Vibhu(unlimited/great) and we jivas are anu(minute). Therefore what we feel is just minute in comparison to the feelings of the Lord. This can be factually understood if we consider the above pastime. The Lord, in the display of his anger, made the waters of the great ocean start to boil just by staring at it in anger. On the other hand, even if millions of humans were to stare with utmost rage at a small cup of water, there would be no change in the temperature of the water. This is the greatness of the Lord and the magnitude of his power. Indeed the Lord is the fountainhead of all that exists, including emotions, and as such he is endowed with all the emotions with the only difference being that his emotions are pure and completely above the modes of material nature where as the conditioned souls are bound by the trap of the material energy. All glories to the Supreme Lord. We pray that some day we may be able to invest all our emotions in connection with the Lord and thus make our intrinsic function of feeling pure, meaningful and sublime.