Revati weds Balaram

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A natural concern for the fathers of qualified daughters is to find a suitable groom for their beloved daughters. The same concern also made King Kakudmi, a great emperor in one of the previous Satya Yugas, decide to go and seek the advice of Lord Brahma. Taking along with him the princess, Revati, who was a treasure house of auspicious qualities and unlimited beauty, he went to the court of Lord Brahma and offered his respectful obeisances to the Grandfather of all humanity, Lord Brahma. He respectfully submitted his concern before Lord Brahma and requested him to advice a suitable husband for his dear daughter.

Hearing King Kakudmi, also known as King Raivat, Brahma informed him that in the short duration that they had been in Brahmaloka, a few chatur yugas had already passed and all their relatives, friends and other people of their time were already long gone, as time on the earthly planet and that in Satyaloka are different. He then informed him that dwaparyuga was currently going on on the earthly planet and in this particular dwaparyuga the Supreme Personalities of Godhead Krishna and Balaram were performing their transcendental pastimes. He then advised him to immediately go and offer his daughter’s hand in marriage to Sri Balabhadra, the elder brother of Krishna. Offering his respects and thanking Lord Brahma profusely, King Kakudmi immediately came back to the earthly planet.

Upon reaching back on the earthly planet, they noticed that due to the change of Yuga the humans had become shorter, less energetic and less intelligent than in Satya Yuga. Yet, following the instructions of Lord Brahma, they approached Lord Balaram and King Kakudmi offered to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to Lord Balaram. Knowing Revati to be his eternal consort, the most merciful Lord Balaram gladly accepted to take her hand in marriage, and thus the marriage was fixed on an auspicious day. However, Revati devi was far taller than her to-be husband Lord Balaram and to rectify the situation, Lord Haladhar touched her head with his plow, bringing her down to the right height to be his dear wife. The wedding was then performed with great jubilation and transcendental bliss permeated the entire atmosphere. All the streets of the city were decorated with flower garlands and sandalwood scented water was sprinkled on the pathways. Auspicious items like water pots, banana trees, whole grains, fruits and other such paraphernalia were kept outside each and every house and doorway. Everyone dressed up in beautiful dresses and wore costly ornaments for the occasion and proceeded to witness the great marriage festival of Lord Balaram. Amidst the chanting of vedic hymns and musical presentations, Lord Balaram accepted Revati devi as his lovely wedded wife and this gave unlimited pleasure to everyone present. Thus King Kakudmi became completely satisfied at heart. Srimati Revati devi later onwards gave birth to two sons and one daughter, thus giving great pleasure to her dear husband Lord Balaram. May Lord Balaram and Revati devi always bestow their mercy upon us.