Sachi mata starts following Ekadashi

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The importance of Ekadashi vrata cannot be overstated as all the vedic literatures are full of instructions regarding this most auspicious day, which is considered to be the day of the Lord. Various benefits of following Ekadashi have been stated in the various shastras, the best of them all being the achievement of Krishna Bhakti, and the results of breaking an Ekadashi vrata are also extensively explained. Being such an important part of Bhakti, devotees of the Lord have been adhering to the rules and regulations of the Ekadashi vrata with great faith and have achieved great merits by doing so. There has indeed been no mention of any great personality who had not followed Ekadashi vrata. Being the incarnation of the Lord, who appeared as a devotee to spread the Yuga Dharma of chanting the holy names, Sri Chaitanya dev also, right from his very childhood, followed the most auspicious ekadashi vrata. His mother, Devi Sachi, was however not following Ekadashi, having not known of the greatness of this vrata. Wanting his dear mother to also follow Ekadashi, also known as Madhav tithi, the enchanting young boy Nimai once said to his mother, “My dear mother, I want you to please give me something.” Her heart overflowing with motherly affection for her darling son, Mother Sachi immediately agreed to give him whatever he asked for and asked him to tell her what is it that he desired her to give him. To this Gauranga told her to donate her eating of grains on Ekadashi to him, not eat any grains on that day, and thus start following Ekadashi, for the following of Ekadashi is dear to the Lord and bestows all auspiciousness on the devotee following this vrata. Hearing her sons request, from that day forth, on every Ekadashi Mother Sachi would follow the vrata for the satisfaction of her dear son Nimai.