Shyamsundar, the reservoir of all beauty

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It is undoubtedly a true fact that every person is attracted to beauty, and can appreciate someone or something that is beautiful. But the perception of what is beautiful is subjective to a person’s experience and personal taste. A person can only measure the beauty of a said person in comparison to what they have personally seen and experienced. For this reason, the living entities in this material world cannot even begin to comprehend the beauty of the all attractive personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, whose beauty is billions of folds more than the beauty of the most beautiful and attractive person one can possibly imagine. It has been mentioned in the scriptures that the apsaras in the court of king Indra are hundred times more beautiful than the most beautiful personality on this earthly planet. The most exquisite damsels of heaven are but a morsel in comparison to the beauty of the denizens of the Vaikuntha planets, where the consort of Lord Vishnu, Srimati Laxmi devi is the most enchanting of them all. However, her beauty is also put to shame in front of the beauty of the Vraja Gopis, each and every single one of whom is bestowed with unparalleled beauty and sweetness, and amongst them all Srimati Vrishabhanunandini Radha is certainly the embodiment of the highest form of beauty. This explanation can give one an Idea about how beautiful Shyamsundar must be, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the beloved of Srimati Radhika. Yet, due to our limited capacity to understand the transcendental realm, we are incapable of comprehending the divine attractive form of Ghanashyam. Therefore, in order to give us some understanding of the extent of his beauty, the great acharyas in our sampradaya have given beautiful analogies to describe his beauty.


Indeed, if we try to comprehend the beauty of Shyamsundar, we shall surely be left mesmerized, for his every limb is the personification of perfection. Shyamsundar, whose complexion resembles the dark monsoon clouds, is so very soft and delicate that he appears to be just like freshly churned butter tinged with the hue of Sapphire, and whenever one of his sakhas, or mother Yashoda or one of his beloved gopis touch him, a soft tinge of red appears there. Seeing his beautiful luster, the peacocks spread their tail feathers and dance in jubilance, thinking him to be a bank of fresh rain clouds. His perfectly shaped round toe and finger nails appear to be ten bright full moons, the effulgence of whom puts to shame the moon himself, for the moon has blemishes, but Shyamsindar’s toenails are the epitome of beauty. His lotus feet, marked with auspicious signs, are served by the goddess of fortune with great care, who is scared to even press too hard the extremely soft and delicate lotus feet of the Lord. His shapely legs and hips are covered by a splendid yellow dhoti, which appears like a streak of lightening on his dark limbs. Fastened over it is a gorgeous sash with small bells, which tingle sweetly as he moves to and fro. His thin waist, like that of a graceful lion, is the abode of Cupid and attracts the hearts of all the living entities. In the center of his stomach is his deep lotus like navel, above which a line of hair ascends up to his chest, resembling a lining of intoxicated black bumble bees. His broad chest, striking fear in fear personified himself, is marked with the auspicious sign of Srivatsa and decorated with pearl necklaces and a gorgeous garland made of the fragrant forest flowers of Vraja. His strong arms, going down to his knees, are always looking for opportunities to embrace the young Gopis of Vraja, thereby making their hearts drown in an ocean of transcendental bliss. His graceful long neck is marked with three auspicious lines and appears to be just like a beautiful conch shell. What can possible be said about the beauty of the Lotus face of Madanmohan, who, with his beauty, attracts the minds of millions of Cupids. His splendid moon face sends forth streams of nectar, drenching the onlookers with unfathomable bliss. His soft delicate lips, the color of the bandhuka flowers, certainly invoke numerous amorous desires in the hearts of the young Vraja Gopis. His two lotus eyes, tinged red at the sides, restlessly move here and there, eager to get a glimpse of his beloved Srimati Radhika. The eyebrows on his enchanting face are just like two perfectly shaped bows, with which he shoots arrows of his side long glances, piercing the hearts of Chandravalli and the other gopis. His curly locks gracefully fall over his shoulder and the loose hair on his broad forehead appear most attractive. Donning a beautiful turban decorated with various gems, strands of pearls and peacock feathers, he stands in a threefold bending form at the banks of the Yamuna, playing the flute and stealing the hearts of one and all.

May this beautiful form of Sri Shyamsundar be the object of our vision and let our hearts be forever attracted to him, leaving aside all mundane so called beauty which is put to shame by the mere beauty of a single toenail of Vrajarajsuta Shyama.